Sex trafficking falls directly under Law Enforcement jurisdiction, however, with an already overburdened workload, a lack of time and suitable assets, Law Enforcement struggles to create the essential intelligence and operational procedures desired to exploit the sex trafficking criminal nexus.

We assume a holistic advisory role in an initiative to counter human trafficking. The Raven Cell team, comprised of retired military veterans from the Special Operations and Intelligence Community, are the Six Sigma Masters of sophisticated surveillance programs, emergency action planning, threat vulnerability & risk assessments proven to increase reactional capabilities and situational awareness.


Emergency Action Planning & Training (Crisis Management)
  • Red Teaming
Risk & Vulnerability Assessments and Security Policy Review
  • Victim Recovery Infrastructure
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Safe Houses
  • Victim Transfer Routes & Hubs
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Outreach Program
Protective / Counter Surveillance Training & Support
Victim / Adversarial Detection & Reactionary Procedures
  • LEO, OGAs & Supporting NGOs
  • Supporting Outreach Programs
Raven Cell is a highly skilled & autonomous team which serves as a force multiplier.
  • By Augmenting Multi-Agency, Public-Private Sector and Local Government.
  • With Teamwork, Intellectual Curiosity and Cultural Sensitivity.
  • Through Established Cross-Cultural Affiliations, and the Local Population


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